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Zing Toys Z Curve Bow

SKU# V7952


The Z-Curve Bow is an ultimate shooting toy bow, with specially designed foam tipped and suction cup arrows. The bow is designed with safety in mind, limiting the possible projectile choices to the foam and suction cup arrows that accompany the bow. Great accuracy and big time outdoor fun.

Makes the perfect Christmas Gift!

Additional Arrows available here.

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SKU V7952

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Brad Says:
"I purchased the z-curve bow for my son and once it arrived I was amazed at how well it performed. This 'toy' is simply a must for any kid or adult. The further you pull back the arrow the further it goes, and it really operates like a real recurve bow. Best of all it's shooting a foam tipped arrow so nothing can be seriously harmed. I can guarantee you that every household should own one, and don't be surprised if the adults use it as much as the kids."

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