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Understanding Whitetails & Their Behavior Bundle

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Don't go into the field without understanding whitetails and their behavior. In this one-of-a-kind collection, Deer & Deer Hunting takes you inside the mind of whitetails, shows you the most efficient way to get one, and how to use the weather to your advantage.

This bundle features:

Whitetail Behavior DVD: Provides exclusive look inside the mind of a white-tailed deer throughout all four seasons. View never-before-seen footage of all aspects of whitetail behavior and learn more about how deer see, smell, hear and react to danger. You'll also learn how and why bucks react to certain stimuli during the rut. Also includes practical and comprehensive information on the whitetail's senses: sight, sound, smell and taste.

Deer & Deer Hunting Shot Simulator Software: In this state-of-the-art animated program, you can position the deer exactly as it was when you were hunting, "take the shot," and then learn exactly which organs were hit. Position yourself from tree-stand height or ground-blind level and position the deer at any angle. After the shot, click on the navigation bars to peel away the hide, skin and bones to see which organs were hit. Then, use our instant trailing guide to help you decide what your next move should be. Wait 30 minutes … or wait 10 hours? We will provide you the best course of action!

Trophy Bucks in Any Weather:
Trophy Bucks in Any Weather teaches you how to recognize storm fronts, wind shifts, changing air pressure and more so you can predict deer behavior during these weather patterns, giving you the edge for your next hunt.

SKU W8659

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