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Twisted Whitetail Combo

SKU# U1303

The Twisted Whitetail Combo includes, One Ridge Runner Hex! This grunt call is Freeze Proof and will fool the wariest of old bucks! One Weezzy! This snort wheeze call is designed to infuriate the dominant buck in your area and bring him to within weapon range! One Original Bleat-in-Heat! This old standby, can style bleat call has been tried and trusted for many years as it is the original can style bleat call! One Twist-A-Bleat! This holding device simply screws into your tree and you can then insert a can style call such as the Bleat-in-Heat or Quaker Boys Squeezin' Bleat, for hands-free calling!

SKU U1303
Shipping This product ships from Quaker Boy
File/Trim Size 8.25 x 10

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This product ships from Quaker Boy

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