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Trapper & Predator Caller Yearbook 2014

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Stories in this issue:

- "The Evolution of a Mink Trapper" — With simple sets and a lot of hard work, you can pile up fur. By Jim Spencer

- "High Mountain Country Marten Adventure" — A backcountry trapline provided many lessons. By Toby Walrath

- "The Fast 50" — Preparation and fur handling are keys to a beaver trapline. By Cary Rideout

- "The Call of the Wolf" — A successful hunter reveals his strategy for taking alpha predators. By Jared Blohm

- "Farmland Bobcats" — These locations can help you trap more spotted fur this season. By Chuck Smick

- "Painting the Picture" — A coyote’s priorities change throughout the season. By Lance Homman

- "DP Strategy" — Dog-proof traps are a versatile option for raccoon trappers. By John W. Crawford

- "Mudballs" — There are some tricks you can use to clean muddy furbearers. By Mike Schoonveld

- "Hunt Like Les" — 10 tactics that set Predator Quest’s Les Johnson apart. By Jared Blohm

- "Cougars in the Midwest" — Trappers can play a part in research as sightings are confirmed. By Matthew Ernst

- "Historical Fur Prices Revisited" — It’s OK to dream, but the peaks of yesteryear aren’t coming back. By Serge Lariviére

- "On the Line With Ron Leggett" — The legendary fox trapper values family above all else. By T.R. Hendrick

- "Modern Trap Collecting" — Many models from the past 30 years are highly collectible. By David Kauffman

- "Lessons From the Trapline" — An adventure bowhunter pays tribute to his background. By Tom Miranda

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