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Trapper & Predator Caller Yearbook 2011 - Download


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The Trapper & Predator Caller Yearbook is as much an annual tradition as running a line in the fall or calling to song dogs in the winter. The 2011 issue contains enough quality editorial to last you until next season.

Inside This Issue

  • Even a diehard blind-setter can catch more mink with the aid of the right lure at the right time.
  • If you can't trap a flattail core area, target traveling beavers in low-density areas.
  • Keep some good sets working during Mother Nature's worst to add these beauties to your fur pile.
  • Veteran predator hunters use the terrain, wind and coyote behavior to set up better stands.
  • Bobcats use iced-over rivers as heavy travel routes in the winter, and trappers can take advantage.
  • Add some quality sets to your trapline by targeting bandits away from water sources.
  • Calling black bears in remote wilderness areas is an addicting challenge for predator hunters.
  • You can ditch the stakes when trapping bobcats and coyotes in areas with hard ground.
  • With a little enthusiasm and some networking, you can trap new ground in your area.
  • Turning your catch into a beautiful, warm, luxurious coat can be enjoyable and affordable.
  • Escape your house and get back outside after a long winter with some muskrat trapping.
  • Predator callers can use ladders to get a step above their prey and out of their plane of focus.
  • Much of our gear can be made or recycled to help save some cash on the trapline.
  • For this remote Alaskan trapper, getting to the trapline is as much of a challenge as running it.

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