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Trapper & Predator Caller Magazine: January 2014

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These stories appear in the January 2014 Trapper & Predator Caller issue:

- "Seeing Red" — These predator hunting tactics and sounds will help you become a red fox fanatic. By Andrew Lewand

- "Patient Trapping" — Use low-maintenance sets on travel routes and wait for the fur to pile up on your trapline. By Serge Lariviére

- "After the Season Closes" — There are many tasks that should help keep trappers busy during the offseason. By Jim Spencer

- "Any Time and Every Time" — A veteran predator hunter provides tips for choosing an electronic call and keeping it working. By Randy D. Smith

- "Trapline Guns" — Trappers have many firearm options to choose from when it comes to dispatching animals. By Dave Morelli

- "The Running Shot" — Retreating coyotes are hard to hit. By Ted Stotler

SKU U7043
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