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Trapper & Predator Caller Magazine: August 2013

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Stories in this issue:

- "Traplines and New Friendships — The story of the 2012 Trapper & Predator Caller Trapline Sweepstakes trip. By Jim Spencer

- "Badgers on Purpose" — Targeting the digging weasels can be fun, profitable and beneficial to other wildlife. By Hunter Bodenchuk

- "Powerful Predator Medicine" — Whether you’re new to the predator hunting craze or just looking to trade up, these critter-crushing firearms definitely deliver. By Doug Howlett

- "High-Stakes Stakes" — Holding your trap in place after a catch is a key element in trapping success. By Mike Schoonveld

- "Camera Traps" — Game cams can be valuable trapline tools. By David O’Farrell

- "The Challenge Bark" — While this coyote vocalization means a failed stand to some, it signals a showdown with a trophy-class animal to others. By Lance Homman

SKU U7038
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