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Trapper & Predator Caller Magazine: March 2014

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These stories appear in the March 2014 Trapper & Predator Caller issue:

- "Trapline Expectations" — Success isn’t always measured by numbers. By Jim Spencer

- "Downsizing Dirtholes" — Trappers should use smaller holes at their sets to help keep the attention of wary canines. By Virgil Gonzales

- "Transient Talk" — Mimicking the sounds of a solitary song dog is the key to luring in cautious coyotes. By Andrew Lewand

- "On the Line With Johnny Thorpe" — The 80-year-old New York trapper who still sets steel is one of the last true mountain men. By T.R. Hendrick

- "Tough Guys" — Mental and physical preparation are often afterthoughts when preparing for hunting or trapping seasons. That’s a mistake. By John Eberhart

- "Surefire Setups" — Locate hotspots and create a coyote-hunting game plan to help boost your calling numbers. By Mark Kayser

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