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Tom Dokken's Advanced Retriever Training

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You’ll appreciate this dog training book if:

  • You liked the instruction provided in Tom Dokken’s Retriever Training
  • You enjoy hunting waterfowl and upland birds
  • You own a retriever and want to teach it to hunt

Realize your retriever’s potential and take its training to a new, advanced level with Tom Dokken’s Advanced Retriever Training. Inside, America’s most well-known retriever trainer illustrates how to turn your dog into a disciplined hunting machine. If you’re prepared to apply the time and commitment necessary to bring your dog up to the “advanced retriever” status, this book is for you. Once you’ve completed the retriever training provided, your canine will be able to accomplish feats you never thought possible, like multiple marked retrieves, honoring another dog’s work and, the hallmarks of a polished retriever, blind retrieves over land and water.

Before transitioning into the actual training, Tom Dokken establishes the equipment you will need in order to effectively take your dog’s training to an advanced level. Once you have the right tools and equipment, you’re ready to get started, and you and your dog will learn it all! From advanced obedience, force fetch, and advanced back command, to advanced upland skills and more, Tom Dokken covers it all with a no-nonsense, common-sense training approach and helpful color photos. In addition to the advanced training techniques, you’ll also find a section on retriever safety tips, so you can ensure your dog is adequately protected in all hunting situations.

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In Tom Dokken’s Advanced Retriever Training you’ll find:

  • Concise, easy-to-use training lessons
  • 300+ color images illustrating Tom Dokken’s drills, training methods, and hunting tactics
  • Training steps and techniques that are easy to learn at your own pace, and as your schedule allows

A word from the author:

“…retrievers of every breed have so much more potential to offer. It’s in their genes, having been bred into them for hundreds of years. To unlock that magic requires dedication, knowledge and a passion on the part of the trainer for bringing out the very best in his animals.” —Tom Dokken

About the author:

Tom Dokken has more than 30 years of professional retriever training experience. He owns Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennels, which is the largest training kennel in the northern United States. He also founded Dokken's Dog Supply and invented the Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer. Having appeared in hundreds of magazine articles and numerous television programs, he's easily the most recognized and respected retriever trainer in America.

SKU GROUP-U1863-U1864
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