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The Rut Hunters

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You’ll enjoy this Whitetail SLAM book if:

  • You’re a fan of hunter and instructor Tom Miranda
  • You want how-to instruction from hunting experts and celebrities
  • You’re excited to participate in Whitetail SLAM and register your bucks

The Rut Hunters by Tom Miranda is a complete guide to Whitetail SLAM, the Ultimate Deer Hunting Challenge that provides for any hunter to register any and all of the eight subgroups of whitetails in North America. Containing how-to instruction from top hunters like Don Kiskey, Eddie Claypool, Melissa Bachman, Tony Peterson, and Stan Potts, this resource gives an informed inside look at obtaining and registering your buck with Whitetail SLAM. Get expert instruction on whitetail species and habitats, planning your hunt, hunt swaps, and more, as well as a look at other hunters’ big game accomplishments. With the Ultimate Deer Hunting Challenge and this from-the-source guide for participating, you can now pursue and be recognized for obtaining multiple subspecies of white-tailed deer.

In The Rut Hunters you’ll find:

  • 200+ color illustrations to aid in acquiring and registering your slam
  • Top tactics for whitetails from Tom Miranda and other top hunters
  • Helpful information on hunting whitetails in each of the eight recognized territories of the North American Whitetail SLAM

About the author:

Tom Miranda is a bowhunter, trapper, author, television host and producer. Through his book, Adventure Bowhunter, and award-winning television programming, he has taken audiences with him on exciting expeditions across the world. Tom has taken more than 60 whitetails on video in addition to the Super Slam of North American Big Game® with archery tackle.

SKU GROUP-U7573-U7575
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The Rut Hunters

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The Rut Hunters eBook

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