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Spring Gobbler Hunter's Value Pack

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Turkey season is right around the corner. Are you ready? Here's a collection of essential turkey hunting gear and how-to instructionals that will help you shoot that big gobbler this spring.

First, an incredible collection of knowledge from the Turkey & Turkey Hunting pros — Talkin' Turkey, 99 Turkey Hunting Secrets, and the T&TH Live Online Calling Course — will answer every question you have about fooling tough birds. Also, the Primos Shotgun Turkey Target will make patterning your shotgun a breeze. Finally, you can lure in that longbeard with the Primos The Crush Chick Magnet box call and the Carry Lite Pretty Penny HD hen decoy.


The Spring Gobbler Hunter's Value Pack Includes:

Carry Lite Pretty Penny HD Hen Decoy
Carry Lite Pretty Penny HD Hen Decoy
The Pretty Penny hen decoy comes with two heads molded from real freeze-dried taxidermy heads. One is contented, and the other is in the breeding position. Pretty Penny also features a realistic new paint scheme, and is made of new, softer material that lets you fold the decoy for transport.
RETAIL: $49.99

Primo's "The Crush" Chick Magnet Box Call
The Chick Magnet box features two lids, which attach with an extra-strong magnet. This lets you switch from the raspy purple-heart paddle and the sweet, higher-pitched maple paddle.
RETAIL: $39.99

Primos Shotgun Patterning Turkey Target
Primos Shotgun Patterning Turkey Target
The 10.75-by-11.5-inch turkey targets show the most effective shot placement with a bright orange bull's-eye. It actual X-ray of a turkey's head.
RETAIL: $3.99

99 Turkey Hunting Secrets
99 Turkey Hunting Secrets
Turkey hunters are always looking for an edge. For many, it's a different calling technique that lets them yelp better. For some, it's a new choke that adds 10 pellets to their pattern. And for others, it might be more insight into turkey behavior. Whatever you're seeking, you'll find it here: 99 Turkey Hunting Secrets. We've packed this unique product with tons of tips on calling, guns, decoys and tactics to improve your turkey hunting skills.
RETAIL: $9.99

Talking Turkey Download
Talking Turkey Download
The Talking Turkey download includes 66 minutes of expert turkey-calling advice with Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine editor Brian Lovett, known as one of the leading turkey callers in the country. Brian goes through all of the most-common turkey calls, including box calls and pot-and-peg, and shows you how to use each call to its utmost effectiveness. Includes video.
RETAIL: $9.99

Turkey & Turkey Hunting Live Online Course Series 1: Calling-Box, Friction, & Mouth
Turkey & Turkey Hunting Live Online Course Series 1: Calling-Box, Friction, & Mouth
This set comes with 6 downloads! Versions for PC and MAC are included.
  • Box Calls
  • Trouble shooting tough Turkeys
  • Youth Turkey Hunting
  • Talking Turkey with Tad Brown
  • Friction Calls
  • Mouth Calls

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