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Nutra Deer Rico Rice Bran Pellets in 5lb bag


SKU# V9676

RICO Rice Bran Pellets not only taste great to deer they are packed with protein, fat and mineral that big bucks crave. RICO even has a patented waterproofing binding agent that helps hold them together in damp conditions. Simply put, the RICO Rice Bran Pellets give your deer nutrition that other products can't and never will. It's no secret that deer love to eat rice bran and the feed specialists at Nutra Deer have put in pellet form it so you could use it in feeders or sprinkle it on the ground. Getting your deer to eat the RICO Rice Bran Pellets is not a problem either, so don't be surprised if they eat them before you get back to where you left them! TIP: RICO Pellets are a great early season attractant when you are trying to get trail cam pics of the deer at your hunting location. RICO Rice Bran Pellets can be used in spin type or gravity feeder systems. RICO Rice Bran Pellets can also be mixed with corn or sprinkled on the ground.
SKU V9676
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This product ships from Nutra Deer

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