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Mathews Bowhunting Whitetails 2013

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4  Matt’s Memo
by Matt McPherson
We’re always trying to improve the bowhunting and archery experience.  

6  Difference Makers
by Steve Bartylla
The difference between success and close calls often hinges on minor details. 

14  First Days Afield: Early-Season Strategies
by Lee Lakosky, with Duncan Dobie
When Lee and Tiffany Lakosky aim to kill mature bucks, they look to the early season. 

20  Making Sense ofa Whitetail’s Scents
by John Eberhart
Deer have great communication skills, including myriad scents. 

26  The Great Debate: To Crossbow or Not?
by Tom Carpenter
Crossbows are here to stay. Here’s why they’re good for the bowhunting world. 

32  Inside Mathews: A Manufacturing Powerhouse
Here’s a look at the ever-improving process Mathews uses to bring the world’s most advanced bows to you.

38 Hunt, Eat, Sleep, Repeat
by Mark Kayser 
Put your Mathews into play year-round. Consider some of these archery hunts or activities when you can’t be in a tree stand.

44  Did You Know? Fun Facts About Whitetails
by Deer & Deer Hunting Staff
Think you know a lot about deer? Expand your knowledge with this trivia extravaganza.  

48  Yes, I Shoot Like a Girl
We gathered the world’s top lady archers to discuss hunting, shooting and life.

54  If It Ain’t Broke, Why Fix It?
by Brian Lovett
Satisfied with your old bow? Here’s why you should really try a new model. 
59  Deer-Like Approaches to Your Stand
by Mark Kayser
Try these super-sneaky entry and exit tactics.

62  A Man and His Rake 
by Jay Ellioff
Connect the plots with a multi-staging system to direct deer past your stand.

66  Product News From Mathews
Learn more about great new bows and gear!

72  Shoot Like an Archery Pro This Season
Want to improve your shooting? Here’s some advice from the best archers in the world.

78  Pat and Nicole Reeve’s Proven Ground-Blind Strategies
by Pat Reeve, With Duncan Dobie
More hunters know that ground blinds are ultra-effective whitetail-killing tools.

82  From the Podium
Mathews shooters again dominated the pro archery circuits. 

86  Dear Mathews, I Have a Question
Answers to some of the most commonly asked technical questions. 

92  Solocam Scrapbook
Mathews shooters share their success photos.

96  2013 Whitetail Roundup
A state-by-state snapshot of hunter and harvest numbers.

108  New Bow-Hunting Gear
Get ready for the season with these products. 

112  Walter and Laura
by Tom Carpenter
Bowhunting can build friendships that go far beyond the field.

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