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Lunar Rut Predictions (2010) Online Course

The Foremost Expert on Deer Rutting Activity Helps You Plan for the Rut

By Charles Alsheimer

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The annual Deer & Deer Hunting Charles Alsheimer Rut Predictions are officially ready for you to watch and learn. The 2010 rut is going to be different than last year, according to Alsheimer's data. Listen and watch as Deer & Deer Hunting Editor Dan Schmidt and Alsheimer talk for more than an hour about how this year's rut will be different, why it will be different, and what that means to your hunting strategies.

Also in this hour-long, downloadable video:
  • Which week is the sweet spot, the best week of the hunt this year.
  • Alsheimer's tips for hunting the "sweet spot" of the rut.
  • How is the rut different in the North, the South and Canada?

Get your 2010 Whitetail Calendar, which includes day-by-day deer activity predictions, and this downloadable course will have you ready for your favorite 2-3 weeks of the year.
SKU Y0287
Author/Speaker/Editor Charles Alsheimer
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