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Lunar Rut Predictions 2 (2009) Online Course

By Charles Alsheimer & Dan Schmidt

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Learn why the whitetail deer rut's timing is different every year, and different in the North vs. the South, and how you can plan your hunt around the rut this year.

In this second of two Online Courses from Charlie Alsheimer, he and Deer & Deer Hunting Editor Dan Schmidt discuss how and why the rut happens, and then apply the rut's nuances to the hunting scenarios you will encounter.

Learn how to react in these 10 rut-hunting situations:
  1. Large field scrapes
  2. Cluster of scrapes in the woods
  3. Doctor with urine?
  4. "Bus station" scrape
  5. Thigh-sized rub
  6. Buck passing through while hunting
  7. Buck out of range while hunting
  8. Breeding parties
  9. Deer in field or food plot
  10. Buck or doe decoy?

SKU Z7999
Author/Speaker/Editor Charles Alsheimer & Dan Schmidt
File/Trim Size 47 MB - 68 minutes
File Type WMV
Format Download

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