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Do it Yourself Licking Branches

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Keep the big ones coming – where you want them – with this convenient do-it-yourself bundle!

The first step to getting deer to come to a convenient spot on the field is to understand their behavior. With the three resources in this bundle, educate yourself about whitetail behavior, and learn what rubs, scrapes, and licking branches are so you can use them to your advantage. Utilize candid footage of actual white-tailed deer throughout all four seasons to get inside the mind of deer, and learn how they react to different stimuli.

Put your research to good use with Smokey’s Pre Orbital Gland Lure, a genuine scent from actual deer. Pair it with the included Lick’N Branch™ Kit by applying it to your finished manufacturing licking branch to give deer a place to begin their rut activity. With the combination of these two tools, you’ll be able to give deer the tool they need to communicate with each other through the fall season, but also have the advantage of deciding where that tool is located.

Learn how deer behave and react, and use this knowledge to your advantage on the field with the resources in this bundle. Plus, at a price of only $69.99, you get all five of the included components at 25% off!

DDH TV Season 6: Episode 10, Are You OVER Hunting Property?

In this episode, Charlie Alsheimer, Dan Schmidt and the D&DH crew ask if signposts are worth hunting. Are rubs and rub lines a waste of your time? What is its real effect of pressure on whitetail behavior? Plus, Vital Information and finding big bucks to hunt are covered.
Retail: $4.99

DDH TV Season 1, Episode 9: Understanding Rubs, Scrapes and Licking Branches

In this episode, Charlie Alsheimer, Neil Dougherty and the DDH crew teach you what is important about rub lines and scrapes and licking branches, including how to read rubs.
Retail: $4.99

Whitetail Behavior

View never-before-seen footage of all aspects of whitetail behavior and learn more about how deer see, smell, hear and react to danger. You'll also learn how and why bucks react to certain stimuli during the rut.
Retail: $12.99

Lick’N Branch™ Kit

Ensure rut activity starts where you need it, create the perfect licking branch setting, and give yourself an ideal shot on the playing field! This kit gives deer the tool they need to communicate with each other through the fall season, and you get to decide where to place it.
Retail: $39.99

Smokey's Pre Orbital Gland Lure

Each bottle contains matching glands from individual bucks and comes in a 1.25oz bottle. The key to licking branches is preorbital scent, which allows deer to understand their rank in the pecking order. Place this scent in strategic locations to attract bucks.
Retail: $30.00

SKU V6534-T4890-Z8923-X9590-W1843-BUNDLE
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