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October 2009 Deer & Deer Hunting Digital Issue

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Inside This Issue

  • In the age of increased antlerless harvests, it is amazing to find a decade-old matriarch. Al Cornell has this intriguing story.
  • Charles J. Alsheimer reveals top tactics for the wildest time of year.
  • Hunters must be careful to avoid hunting and scouting too aggressively before the best time to intercept a mature buck arrives, writes Les Davenport.
  • Learn which deer are the most difficult to dupe, and then decide how you would handle each one using Bill Vazniz's scenarios.
  • If all is fair in love and war, Gary Sefton writes, hunting rutting bucks has to be included in the latter.
  • Corn is one of the most popular supplements for deer, but is it a blessing or curse for our nation's whitetails? Matt Harper gives a thorough examination.
  • Researchers search for the true meaning behind flashing tails and explosive snorts. John J. Ozoga has the scoop.
  • Dr. Phillip Bishop writes that a whitetail's choppers can reveal a lot about the age structure of your herd.
  • Use sniper training and techniques from J. Guthrie to improve your chances of making every shot in the woods a killer.
  • For white-tailed deer, Leonard Lee Rue III asserts, odors speak louder than "words."
  • Charles J. Alsheimer tells how life turns upside down for an estrous doe and her family group.
  • We stand alone, Rev. Zeke Pipher writes, in our ability to contemplate the loss of life, to understand its finality, to comprehend what's forever gone.
  • The fall air recalls several memories for Editor Dan Schmidt.
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