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Deer & Deer Hunting Season 8 DVD

Format: DVD

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Now in its eighth season, Deer & Deer Hunting TV remains the leading hunting program focused on educating hunters through scientific research, Vital Information shot analysis, outdoors journalism and entertaining topics.

Here are the episodes from Season 8:

  • Deer Camps of Yesterday & Today - Take a look at how deer camps have changed from the rugged minimalist camps of the past.
  • Public Land Hunting - Covering what it takes to be successful to harvest deer on land anyone can hunt. Urban bow hunting to big woods is discussed and one fact always remains constant.
  • Gamey to Gourmet guide to Venison - Find out how to make even the pickiest beef lover rave over your venison steaks and what makes the meat have a “gamey” flavor.
  • Trophy or food? Methods & strategies - Explore the best methods for each type of hunting and how they differ.
  • Northern Rut Prediction - Find out the best time to be in the woods for rutting behavior in the north.
  • Southern Rut Prediction - For the first time we cover what happens in the south during the rut and explain why it varies so greatly. Multiple species integration and seasonal shifts are only part of what makes this prediction do difficult.
  • Harvesting Diversity - Discover the different ways to hunt whitetail throughout the country and how strategies differ as greatly as the weapons.
  • Feeders: Nutrition vs. Hunting - Go through the pros & cons of different feeder to help you to come up with the best formula for your situation.
  • Hot Doe - Follow what happens to the does when they enter the estrous cycle and are suddenly given constant pressure by aggressive bucks.
  • Population Control - Take a look at the options that are being used to keep the herd at healthy numbers as they are thriving in urban communities.
  • Predators: How they impact deer & the land - Find out how predators affect deer & what affects they have on the environments they live and hunt in.
SKU U9015
Format DVD
ISBN 13 9781440239311

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