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Deer & Deer Hunting's Blood-Trailing Guide CD

Never lose a deer again

By Dan Schmidt

Format: CD

SKU# W7903

From the publishers of Deer & Deer Hunting, Blood-Trailing Whitetails, provides expert information and analysis that will help you stay on the trail of every deer you shoot. Twelve in-depth articles will teach you how to unravel the blood trails of deer shot in the heart, lungs, liver, paunch, intestines even major muscle groups.

From whitetail physiologists to expert deer hunters, this comprehensive guide is packed with articles, video clips, posters and charts that provide all the information you need to become a better blood-trailer.

You will not only learn how to determine where your deer was hit, we'll tell you how long you should wait before taking up the trail.

SKU W7903
Author/Speaker/Editor Dan Schmidt
Format CD
ISBN 13 9781440229909

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ehMBNNmBXNveNDKwM Review by Rere

I got my wife threw hunter safety a few years back, so that we could spend more time together in the great outdoors, and teach are two kids together as a family about the special time hunting. My kid's love it, they are 9 and 12, and have been hunting with me since they were old enuff to walk. Recently I submitted a photo of her with a whitetail she harvested in Idaho last year, which of course is bigger than any I have harvested. And know she has the braggin rights. Thanks for printing her picture. She's pumped for what next year will bring!

(Posted on 8/4/2012)

blood trailing CD-Rom Review by chris morrow

The trailer on this page is much better than the actual CD Rom. I was expecting to get lots of practical information to help me improve in blood trailing deer. The information was very limited.What information there was on blood trailing was very basic. I hate to be negative, but this was not worth the money.

(Posted on 10/30/2011)

2 Item(s)

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