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Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine: December 2012 Digital Download

By Deer & Deer Hunting Editors

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Highlights of this issue:

  • Shotgun or Smokepole? What is the best choice when you’re not allowed to use a centerfire rifle?
  • When Push Comes to Shove: Is the deer drive a thing of the past, or is there still life for this effective hunting tactic?
  • Age Indicators: Just how old is that buck that’s living on the land you hunt?
  • Crossbow Buyers’ Guide: If you are looking to upgrade your crossbow or join the growing legion of horizontal bowhunters, here’s a guide to what’s out there.
  • Bullets That Stop the Biggest Bucks: Performance at the moment of truth is the real indicator of supreme bullet design.
  • Deer Research: How Chemicals Control the Rut
  • 5 Things to Never Tell an Outfitter
  • I’m a Deer Hunter: Jason Aldean
  • Empty Spaces: The ones that got away are just as much a part of our hunting DNA as the bucks on our walls.
SKU V9001
Author/Speaker/Editor Deer & Deer Hunting Editors
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Format Download

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