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Calling Savvy 201 (Download)

By Brian Lovett

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Savvy 201 with Brian Lovett

Adjusting to Various
Styles of Box Calls
All boxes aren’t created equal. Here’s how
to get the most out of short boxes, long
boxes and one-sided models this spring.
Page 3

A Study in Extremes
Aggressive calling works, but so does soft,
subtle yelping. So which is best, and how
do you decide which one to use when a
hunt hangs in the balance? Page 5

Thoughts on the Whistle: Master
the Kee-Kee on Different Calls
Is whistling on a box, friction or mouth call
as easy as yelping? Probably not, but it’s
not impossible. Use these tips to kee-kee
and kee-kee run this season. Page 7

Enjoy the
Mouth-Calling Journey
Mouth calls are pretty simple, but they’re
musical instruments. And to competently
operate any musical instrument, you must
learn to control and care for it. Page 9

Roost-Calling Revisited
Calling to roosted turkeys is pretty simple.
However, the author has learned to adapt
his early-morning tree-calling strategies
during certain scenarios. Here’s his take.
Page 12

Calls In the Field
Yelping in the basement during the
off-season and calling in the spring woods
are different animals. Here are some quick
tips to troubleshoot your calling efforts this
spring. Page 14

Mastering the Tube
Every turkey hunter has heard of tube calls,
but few use them regularly, and even fewer
use them well. That’s a mistake. Here’s
how to use this call. Page 16

Cutt-and-Run Hunting Revisited
Walking and calling is a great tactic, but it’s
not right for every situation. Here are some
thoughts on the relative merits of cutting
and running. Page 18

Dirty Tricks with Friction
Gobblers don’t play by the rules, so why
should you? Even the score this

SKU U8115
Author/Speaker/Editor Brian Lovett
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