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Trapper & Predator Caller Magazine: August 2014

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These stories appear in the August 2014 Trapper & Predator Caller issue:

- "There Is No Offseason" - Successful trappers are fully prepared well before the next season starts. By Dave Morelli

- "10 Tips for Big Numbers" - These are the little things longliners will do to set personal bests this season. By Serge Lariviere

- "Conditioned Coyotes" - Don't let song dogs wise up to your routines. By Lance Homman

- "Strength in Numbers" - There are many opportunities for trappers to learn from each other. By Jim Spencer

- "Pure Gold" - Locating coyote calling hotspots and not overusing them is crucial for hunters. By Ted Stotler

- "Smartphone Survival" - You can trick your phone out and turn it into a digital toolbox and resource library. By Brett Ortler

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