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Advanced Turkey Tactics (Download)

By Brian Lovett

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Turkey Tactics with Brian Lovett

The Six Degrees
of Booger-ation
Despite all our precautions and careful
woodsmanship, we sometimes make a
misstep, and a turkey puts his evolutionhoned
survival instinct into high gear.
The result is usually the same: We kick
ourselves and figure our hunt is finished.
But is it really? Usually not. Page 3

The Follow-Up
For whatever reason, the first shot at a
turkey doesn’t always seal the deal, and
you should be ready to follow up. Here’s
how. Page 7

All The Right Moves
Turkeys aren’t exactly big fans of
movement. However, you usually have to
move in some fashion to kill a gobbler. So
how do you move on turkeys? Page 10
Small Miracles
Many turkey hunters ignore small farms
and tiny woodlots. That’s too bad, because
pint-sized properties can produce huge
results. Page 13

Tight Like That
Getting close counts, especially when
you’re hunting tough Eastern turkeys.
Here’s how to slip into a gobbler’s inner
sanctum. Page 16

Spring Temperature-
Extreme Savvy
From frosty mornings to searing
afternoons, spring turkey hunting is full of
temperature extremes. Here’s how to deal
with them. Page 19

Turkey Decisions Revisited
Most spring turkey hunts involve a critical
decision that seals success or failure.
Here’s a look at some of the author’s recent
hits and misses. Page 22

Birds of the Mind
No doubt, some gobblers are tougher than
others. However, they’re still turkeys, and
believing otherwise can psych you out of
the game. Page 25

In Seach of
Tree-Challenged Turkeys
Although I was skeptical at first, I quickly
learned there were loads of turkeys in
the vast, open, relatively treeless country
that covers much of South Dakota. Better,
they usually gobble like crazy and come to
calling. Page 27

The Vertigo Effect
For the uninitiated, hunting turkeys in steep
hills, bluffs or mountains presents unique
challenges. It might seem daunting at first,
but turkeys in rugged terrain are just like
turkeys anywhere else. Page 30

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Author/Speaker/Editor Brian Lovett
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